Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Very user-friendly software developed by mechatronics/electrnoics lab gandhinagar Which is outstanding in performance. Handshaking with the hardware and software is unique, because hardware is developed by IIT Chennai and software is developed by us. This is a 3rd version of the e-kaavad. Software Features are like this:

1: Full Screen Movie/Flash File Running.
2: Auto Hide Tool Bar in All Mode.
3: Full Changing Facility of Background and Images.
4: Hide Mouse cursor in Play Mode.
5: Setting Saving Facility.
6: Com Port Selection Facility.
7: Work with USB to Com Port Converter.
8: Movie Screen Size Settable.
9: Play mode with e-kaavad as well as mouse button press.

Faculty: Nina Sabnani
Software in Visual Studio
Electronics & Software work:  Arshad Pathan

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