Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Workshop on soft switches

Guiding to student in workshop with Professor Milindo and Professor Joanna Berzowska. Here 8 projects were completed successfully, all projects were related to soft switch, light and sound technique. Electronic textiles allow little bits of computation to occur on the body. They usually contain conductive yarns that are either spun or twisted and incorporate some amount of conductive material (such as strands of silver or stainless steel) to enable electrical conductivity. This was experimented during the workshop. Fabric within the context of garment-making to create a simple emissive display. Uses retinal persistence to make sense of an apparently random pattern. Simple ways to incorporate light into fabric, uses hard fixtures Integrated LED technology into existing fashion technology. Conductive fabric buttons, clips, etc are used in workshop.

Faculty: Prof. Milindo, Prof. Joanna Berzowska
Electronics work:  Arshad Pathan

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