Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Live Webcast & Control System

By using this user controlled system, one can get live 360o web casting on World Wide Web. User can easily view live stream from any where in the world. The view angle can be controlled by mouse click. When server will receive a request for change of view angle, it will change the angle of webcam through stepper motor, which is attached with webcam.

In the system, stepper motor is connected to stepper motor controller card which communicates with server using parallel port. Webcam is connected to server via USB port. PHP will be used to develop software interface for stepper motor. Webpage will be developed using Dreamwaver or any web development tool. Java, PHP or other scripting language can be used to control actions commands.

Web casting will be done by updating image file on website, periodically. The view of webpage will be refreshed as per uploading-interval. So finally, we will get the controlled live view on webpage.

Done by: Arshad F Pathan
mail: arshad.pathan@gmail.com, arshad@nid.edu

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