Sunday, April 24, 2011

Poetics of the 'unseen'

Poetics of the 'unseen' from sunil vallu on Vimeo.

Objects not only “de-materialize” into software in response to miniaturization and replacement by services, but literally dematerialize into radiation. -Hertzian Tales, Anthony Dunne
We all appreciate, enjoy and exploit the wireless technologies today we are living with, but none of us really care about what and how it does. Mobile phones, Television sets, Micro ovens and electric towers leak something that is unseen. We live in a very close proximity to these objects not because we love these objects but inevitably not being able to escape from their spectrum. We are continuously consuming these electromagnetic radiations varying from ionizing to non-ionizing frequencies without even being aware of the fact. Though there’s been a lot of studies stating these radiations are harmful for human and other beings who live in these ‘hertzian urban spaces’ and few debating against. Regardless of whether they are harmful or not, it is essential for us to be aware that we are surrounded by these waves and it is inescapable and invisible. How would it be if we could see these radio waves like we see the visible light waves from the spectrum? Would they be green, red or yellow? What would happen if we could see the information (private) that is being transferred between entities? Do they invade our body cells to reveal our personal biological information? And why are honey bees disappearing? The investigation led me to explore, exploit and understand everyday objects like Radio, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth technologies and the so called “Cultural Artifact” mobile phone.

“Just as I start to descend the staircase, it rings in my pocket. It always rings as I start to… The mobile phone universally worshipped and spared no expense.” - How are things, Roger-pol Droit

Student: Sunil Vallu

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