Sunday, April 24, 2011

TheHappyWay Cooking Guide

This device was conceptualized during our course of Embedded Systems and Interaction Design. The brief for this project  was pretty open ended. We were allowed to observe various fields and find a design opportunity.

Observing house wifes around my residence I noticed that they were anxious when it came to cooking something new and different from their regular menu. The women I observed aged between 40 to 60 years. These women were also anxious when it came to using various digital devices and services. (, mobile phones, microwave ovens,internet ,  bluetooth etc) Reasons for this kind of  anxiety were plenty but what I noticed was that for them figuring out how to navigate and how to operate digital devices was a onerous task.

So my basic idea was of a device that familiarize and increase the ease for Middle-aged indian house wives while they interact with Digital Device. A digital device that could be used in daily kitchen chores but not a kitchen appliance.

TheHappyWay Cooking guide is a concept device for Indian House wives. This device is conceptualized as digital cook book with following features ,

Recipes in Vernacular Audio ,
Visuals for better guidance ,
Navigation through voice command,
Grocery Record keeping system,
Interactive Dictionary,
Recipe updates.

TheHappyWay cooking device Concept video2 from shubhra bhasker bhatt on Vimeo.

 I thank our course guides Mr.Bhaumik Nagar and  Mr.Ujjaval Panchal. Our coordinator
Dr. Jignesh Khakkar for their valuable time and guidance . Tons of thanks to Mr. Arshad Pathan for his technical support.

Student: Shubhra Bhatt

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