Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Decode (I) by Roopali Sood

Decode (I) from Roopali Sood on Vimeo.

Craft; as is established is dependent on ‘Process’ and ‘Raw-material’. Everything else is directly or indirectly its manifestation or fruition. Infact almost everything contemporary is a remote manifestation of craft and does not lead to the creation of an artefact or artwork but a ‘Product’. Every product has a defined lifespan (shelf-life), like matter itself, though the point to be considered here is that life or existence of a zillion products is not even acknowledged, not merely because of their relevance and (lack of/)usability, but because of our fast moving material economies and consumerism. These products then end up as ‘Urban-waste’, which fortunately, thanks to the development in science, has a scope of becoming new ‘Raw- material’, but unfortunately doesn’t or merely does!

An academic project.
Background score: II Tabarly Yann Tiersen (2001)

Dr Jignesh Khakhar
Jogi Panghaal
Mayank Loonker
Ujjwal Panchal
Arshad Pathan
Karan Mehta

Special thanks:
Mr. Tushar Shah
Daman Ganga Paper Ltd.

(c) National Institute of Design l 2010

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