Monday, February 13, 2012

Bridges by Nikhil Joshi

There is a physical world and a digital world and between, lies series of rules, interfaces and constrains. The only way to interact is to learn the rules, but why? With all these objects around us, we hold immense amount of knowledge and information about them. The way they behave and the way we handle them. But still every new digital object comes with a daunting task of understanding his way. Why can't we put our knowledge of the physical world around us, right from wearing sandals to hammering nails in the digital world to augment and alter it? The task is to create controllers whose usage is by default embedded in us. The installation "THROW" here presents one iteration of the concept of "Bridges", which aims at combining the physical and the digital world. Here we take example of a ball understanding its basic physical properties and affordances. The knowledge we hold about the ball in the manner that we bounce, throw and squeeze it. This knowledge can be mapped with quantitative values of force, spin and speed. In the installation you aim and throw the ball towards a projected stacked pile of can using your knowledge of aiming and throwing a ball right from your childhood. This knowledge of yours clubbed with quantitative values of speed, force and spin becomes an input device for the digital interface

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