Sunday, April 24, 2011


According to an African proverb, " When the Music changes, so does the Dance." Where on the other hand Danmus (Dance and Music) provides reverse interaction where you change your dance, body movement; the music changes.

This project was to experiment with traditional tools of expression such as Dance and Music and see how it affects the whole experience of dance when music becomes a combined tool to communicate. It would also explore an opportunity for people without any systematic knowledge of music to produce music just by moving and listening . And this can be further taken to produce real time simulacrum if more than one person take part in it.

Prototype I :

This prototype if wore on the dorsum of the foot, detects tilt of your foot and produces different notes for different tilts. So for different sequence of tilts, it produces different note composition;music. It also demands dancers to work hard for melodious music! This prototype was designed keeping in mind Irish Sean-nos step dancing.

Prototype II :

This prototype detects the movement around it and produces notes continuously which turns into music. This prototype can be wore on the west and music can be controlled by moving hand around its sensor. This prototype was made keeping in mind traditional belly dancing.

Ujjaval Panchal
Dr. Jignesh Khakhar
Arshad Pathan

Student: Aashkashah 

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