Sunday, April 24, 2011

Euphony- Interactive Generative Music

Euphony - An Interactive Generative Music Installation from Sumit Pandey on Vimeo.

Euphony was an interactive music generation installation that allows an audience to engage in a localized sound based sensory experience. The targeted concept was to generate music that creates a pleasant and soothing experience for visitors while maintaining a balance between direct interaction and a noticeable output. It was designed to blend in with the environment and set a desirable ambience in that space.

The technical components that were used in the installation were speakers, a wide range web camera, a professional quality amplifier and a work station computer. In order to represent our concept in a real open space, we used an earthen pot or ‘matka’ as our sound post. The matka as an object not only facilitates a pleasing aesthetic ambience but was mainly chosen for its natural property of increasing the volume of the sound. It also lends a reverb quality to the sound which enhances the quality and goes well with the nature of the music produced. The form of the matka was modified so as to give way for inserting a web camera in a cleverly hidden manner and also concealing maximum amount of wiring within the matka itself. More importantly, the individual matka design was made completely independent from other dependencies in the location; hence, making it portable, cheap, and convenient way of distributing music. Further intervention with the design of the post includes a pedestal under the matka for aesthetic value and as a housing for the computer and electrical power supply.

Multiple numbers of these sound posts/pots were placed in certain specific locations within the open space. This would allow users to move around the space and glide through a localized dynamic sound experience while avoiding any overlap or interference by other posts. The system generates music using movement and density of a set of people moving in a space that is monitored by a web camera. This web camera detects and sends movement and density information to a computer that uses it to generate music through a software called ‘Tiction’. Due to the uniqueness in the nature of movement that people have and the variation in density with time, the installation generated music which was melodious and yet non-repetitive through time.

Euphony- Interactive Generative Music from Anuradha Reddy on Vimeo.

Team: Sumit Pandey, Anuradha Reddy

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